Tampon & Condom Delivery in 10 Minutes -Berlin's Only Intimate Essential Delivery App

Berlin feels a lot less like Berlin ever since the pandemic started. Corona has all but essentially stopped a large portion of our lives, especially for those in Berlin. It's been a long time since you could sit in your favorite restaurant at Maybach Ufer, go to your favorite bar in Neukölln or Friedrichshain, and don't even get started on the clubs closing.

We're not pretending Rubbr is going to make COVID-19 go away, but we figure it can help make lives a bit easier so you can get back to!

A Delivery App for Intimate Essentials? What's That?!

Rubbr ain't like your typical delivery app, we don't deliver groceries or food, but condoms, tampons, and all your intimate essentials directly to your door in 10 minutes!

That's right, you can get tampons and condoms delivered to you!

Never Wait in Line Again

We've all been there. You're waiting in line at DM or Rossmann with your pack of condoms or tampons, when the cashier gives you that awkward look as they scan your most intimate essentials.

Well, say goodbye to that. Actually, say goodbye to waiting in line ever again.

With Rubbr, you have a wide selection of the most trusted condom brands like Einhorn, Durex, and Billy Boy, as well as the highest quality tampons like MyLily and Einhorn.

Simply select which product you'd like, the quantity, and boom, 10 minutes later they're delivered right to your door so you can get back to your life!

We're There For You

It's pretty crazy that you can't get your most intimate essentials any time you want. Shit, getting tampons on a Sunday is downright impossible, unless you go to a major train station or gas station. And don't even get us started on being able to get condoms at 3 in the morning.

With the Rubbr app, you can get tampons and condoms delivered straight to you Friday through Sunday, from 5pm until Midnight (don't worry, we're working on making this 24/7, but for that we need your support!)

That's right folks, we deliver on Sunday!

Safe, Fast, Discreet

In addition to having a wide variety of the most trusted tampon and condoms brands, as well as being incredibly fast, we also understand that your most intimate essentials she remain intimate.

That's why our in-app chat system is completely anonymous, and deletes itself immediately after the delivery is done.

We don't store any of your data!

Moreover, we know how awkward it can be to have to buy these products in public. This is why, every delivery gets delivered and left in a discreet, but cute, bag right on your doorstep.

No eye contact necessary.

Have We Tickled Your Feather

We're working super hard on making sure this app is the perfect fit for your needs. As such, we're starting out in Friedrichshain, to ensure that we can meet the demand!

If you're interested in being a tester, getting free condoms or tampons, and just want to support us, sign up for our newsletter to get all the best updates!

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