Large variety of health products, like Durex, Vegan Einhorn Condoms, vegan tampons, Billy Boy condoms, and bio cotton tampons.
Mobile app to deliver condoms and tampons in 10 minutes. On-demand delivery for Berlin.
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We come fast

Intimate essentials, delivered in 10 minutes or less.

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Tell us where you want it.

No eye contact necessary. We deliver in 10 min
or less.

The perfect fit.

Skip the line and order from your phone.

We’ve got you covered.

Select from the highest quality tampons and

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Where do you want us?

Let us know where to go next, and what other products you want us to deliver.

Local & Safe

Getting your intimate essentials like tampons and condoms has never been easier.

We mask up and drop the package right at your doorstep with contactless delivery. Simple as that.

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